For me, there are three elements that can make or break a self-tanner: streaks, orange cast, and stink. I’ve tried ones that have great color, but are a pain to apply. I’ve used ones that are a breeze to apply, but whose aroma announce to the world, “HEY EVERYONE! I JUST SELF-TANNED!” But then I discovered Beautisol. And it just might be my holy grail of self-tanners.

The first thing you’ll notice is Beauitsol self-tanner smells great. Not just ok. Not just cloaked with a stronger fragrance to cover the self-tanner smell. Granted smell is a very person thing, but this stuff actually smells really good. Good enough for my husband to comment that I smelled nice when I got into bed wearing the stuff.  It’s not sweet, not flowery. More like a mild musky smell. (Musky in a good, perfume-language kind of way, not B.O.)

Beautisol is also really easy to apply. The lotion-like formula didn’t seem that different from others I’ve tried, but it definitely rubbed in easier and didn’t leave any streaks.

Finally, and of course most importantly, the color is fabulous. Natural. Realistic. Golden without an orange hue. Check out their before and after photos. I tried the Dark Tan which made me look golden. Not like I’d been whisked away to the Bahamas for the weekend because seriously, who are we kidding.  But Beautisol also comes in Medium Tan which fair-skinned folks might like better.

Beautisol also makes self-tanners specially geared for the face. They offer formulas for both oily/problematic skin as well as dry/normal skin.

Want more info? Visit The site has a ton of information, handy how-to videos, tips and tricks and product ingredients.

Summer may be over, but your summer tan doesn’t have to be.


Note: Beautisol sent a product sample to facilitate this review.

Kate Bayless is a writer, editor and mom of three boys under 5. Her work has appeared in Parents, American Baby, Fit Pregnancy, iVillage, Momtrends and other publications. Visit her at or @katebayless.

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