Dark circles under my eyeshave been my biggest challenge on my face for as long as I can remember. Even as early as college, I remember having purple bags. Late nights of studying, partying and pulling all nighters at our school newspaper were not good to my skin or keeping a nice refreshed look around my eyes, that’s for sure.

I’ve tested a lot of under eye serums and creams over the years and I am loving this latest one I’m testing out right now: Covergirl + Olay’s Eye Concealer for Puffiness & Dark Circles. Olay’s serum has cucumber extra in it to sooth puffiness but it’s also a concealer – so it’s reducing swelling all while concealing the dark circles. It comes in 5 different skin shades sothere’s an option for most skin types. Sweet! The price is right too – Target has it for $8.89.



  1. Your review makes me want to rush out to buy it and try it! Will let you know if I like it as much as you do! thanks.

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