Like everyone else these days, I’m in a million Facebook groups. I can’t even remember which one I was in where I saw this but I remember someone posting something TOTALLY UNRELATED to beauty but the selfie was a picture of a woman with fantastic makeup and skin. So much so that someone asked her what her beauty regime was.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.06.46 PM

One of the products she mentioned using was Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Perfector BB Cream ($8.99, I was so impressed with her flawless looking skin that I went ahead and ordered some the next day.

It came… and people, this stuff is THE BOMB. I have really been having a hard time with dealing with wrinkles and my skin tone lately and I’ve been trying a lot of different products that I haven’t been wholly satisfied with but this BB Cream is just awesome. It’s not a cure for sure and I don’t think it’s working as a long-term product but it’s a FABULOUS cover-up on a daily basis before you apply your other makeup. It really perfects an even skin tone and fills in all the wrinkles you don’t want to be showing. Fantastic as a moisturizer too.

Trust me and check it out. I got light-medium but there’s also a medium-deep option for darker complexions.


  1. I have been using thie BB cream for about a year now.. . and like you, I love it as well, for all the reasons you mention in your article.
    I have tried two other brands of BB cream and they did not compare to Garnier’s. I have also received compliments on my skin(and I never did before using this cream).
    Love also that it goes on so easily and smoothly. An excellent product, indeed!

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