The following is a post from guest writer Shelly – whose hair, btw, is much nicer than mine!:

To sum up my morning routine in one word, “multitask.” As a mom, always on the go, I barely have time to brush my teeth and guzzle coffee, let alone style my hair; sporting a baseball cap more often than I’d care to admit (and no, it’s not for playing softball with the kids)! So, I finally decided to come clean with a few easy tricks to transform my fly-a-ways to fabulous.

Healthy hair begins with a good cut. Consult your stylist for suggestions which enhance natural texture, and follow-up with regular trims, (every 4-6 weeks) for maintenance. Many stylists will trim bangs in between cuts for free, so be sure to inquire. What better way to look and feel great, then a chic style.  

Despite popular belief, there is no need to shampoo daily, skip a day or two-your hair will thank you. Over cleansing strips natural oils, causing locks to appear drab. Dry Shampoo is a time saving dream, soaking excess oil in a matter of minutes. Oscar Blandi offers a spray version, which can be used between shampoos for a fresh, clean appearance.  

Styling cream is a must-have for every hair type. Sebastian Taming Elixir makes my hair happy. It tames frizz and softens without that heavy or greasy feeling. Apply to wet hair and blow dry for a smooth glossy finish, or air-dry for flawless, bouncy curls.  

When in doubt, sport a neat ponytail- a stylish, quick solution when frazzled from toting toddlers. Secure with an even spritz of tresemme hairspray, to prevent fly aways and provide all day hold at affordable prices. Make sure to check out  for free styling tips.  

Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want extra time in the morning? These easy steps have allowed me to toss the baseball cap and enjoy a morning coffee before running out the door. This makes me one happy mom!


  1. I will def have to check out that dry shampoo!

  2. I’m always struggling in the morning to get out the door on time after getting my child dressed for daycare and packing her lunch. I never know what to do with my hair, so this is very helpful. And skipping the shampooing step will help a lot!

  3. This article is extremely helpful. If i dont have time to wash my hair in the morning, i will just put it in a ponytail and that will actaully help my hair! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Thanks so much for the tip on the inquiry regarding our bangs. Mine grow so quickly but I drag it out until my 4 or 6th week appointment now I will definitely ask if they can do it in between for free as well! Also, I have the finest hair and feel like I have to wash it everyday in order for it to not look flat and greasy. I will DEFINITELY be checking out the dry shampoo, I’m sure my hair will thank me!!

  5. Have been looking for a new styling product to try. Thanks!

  6. Jillian says

    Skipping the daily shampoo is the best tip. People don’t realized how much it helps your hair stay healthy, and in reality, cuts down expense on shampoos and styling products. Next day hair is often better than first day hair!

  7. Thank you for giving us some savvy information on this topic. I have sought out a great variety of honest recommendations about natural health and some not-so-good ideas. Do you have any more honest recommendations or places on the Web that I can find more detailed recommendations? This would be certainly appreciated! So, keep up the good work!


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