BBgiveaway.JPGFrom the makers of the awesome Bébe Belay (which I reviewed in March) comes Bébe Basics which is a baby emergency diaper clutch kit. Bébe Basics is designed to resolve an oops or an uh-oh on the go. Inside the clear plastic carrying case you will find a burp cloth, baby socks, pacifier, onesie, 2 diapers and wipes. The carrying case even unfolds into a waterproof changing mat – talk about clever! Keep this back-up diaper bag handy, and you’ll have all the basics covered!
Missed my review on the Bébe Belay? Check it out here. It is an awesome, multi-functional baby accessory that serves as an instant bib, connector clip, and pacifier holder! It takes up practically no space but can perform the tasks of an all-in-one. My son’s shirt has been saved many of times with this ingenious product!
Here’s your chance to win a Bébe Belay and/or an exclusive Bébe Basics (which is not even available yet)! We will be giving away 5 Bébe Belays and 1 Bébe Basics. All you have to do to enter is sign up for our newsletter! If you’re already subscribed, you’re all set and already entered. The contest will run until Thursday, July 17th.

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