Several months ago, I told a mother of two that I thought sleep deprivation would not be a big concern with #2, as I was “used to” getting up in the middle of the night. We all know what a shock it is with your first – no more sleeping in because it’s a Saturday and you had too much sushi, sake and dancing the night before. I mistakenly thought that with my second, it wouldn’t be an issue as it wasn’t much of a lifestyle change.
Boy was I wrong. I may not be used to sleeping in anymore, but I was used to *sleeping*, period. And sleep is something I’m not getting these days with a baby who gets up every 1.5-3.5 hours to feed. (little monster!)
Well, I had also certainly underrated the bliss of having comfortable seating in the wee hours of the morning. These days, I’ve taken to sitting on my Monarch Nursing Chair. The design is sleek and modern and although it doesn’t look like the picture of plush comfort, it’s actually surprisingly really comfortable. Apparently much research went into making this chair ergonomically correct – and although at 4 am, I don’t care what went into it, I do care that it’s comfortable and efficient for nursing by baby.
It’s apparently stain resistant – thankfully we haven’t had to test that feature out yet, but I’m sure we will. It comes in all sorts of designs and stains, we went with the Latte color for something neutral, but you can virtually select any color shade to match your nursery or room colors.
It’s not cheap, retailing for $749, but you can get it currently on sale on the Little Baby Shoes site for $674.00 (other items are also 10% off, plus free shipping on all items over $100).

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