Products_2We’ve always been fans of Beech-Nut’s foods — so I was delighted to find out that they have a new line called Let’s Grow!, which is a full line of toddler meals and snacks. They feature Beech-Nut’s No Junk Promise — which promises no artificial flavors, colors, MSG or preservatives, and has all-natural ingredients without any trans fats or added refined sugar, and are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Each package will tell you exactly how the item follows Beech-Nut’s strict guidelines for the No Junk Promise. For example, the Yogurt Nibbles, a yogurt coated whole grain snack, meets the No Junk Promise because it contains real yogurt, real fruit, has no added refined sugar, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, supports bone and teeth development, is all natural and has vitamins and minerals and no added salt.

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Toddler meals include Tummy Trays and Mini Meals (6 oz single serve). Tummy Trays are thick soups, chock full of vegetables. They are for ages 12 months and up and come in Chicken Vegetable Noodle, Turkey Vegetable and Vegetable Beef. My son liked them, but he had to be in the mood for soup. Since he’s three, the Mini Meals were more his taste. Choose from Macaroni & Cheese, Spaghetti Rings, Chicken & Stars and Chicken & Cheesy Potatoes. While we liked all of them, our favorite was the Mac & Cheese. Studded with tiny bits of carrots, the little round pasta with the thick cheese sauce is a winner. My three year old keeps asking for it and preferred it over the organic boxed kind. I felt good giving him Beech-Nut’s Mac & Cheese because it was 50% lower in sodium (at 180 mg) than a leading competitor’s same size tub and it gave my child 50% of daily protein requirements, 50% of vitamin A requirements and 10% of calcium and iron requirements.

We loved the Let’s Grow! Snacks. The Yogurt Nibbles, which I mentioned above, come in Strawberry Banana, Tropical, and Berries and Cherries. The Tropical flavor was my favorite and I ended up stealing it away from the kids because I liked it so much! My son went gaga over the Fruit Nibbles — each package contains a full serving of fruit and has 100% of the daily value of vitamin C for your child. He thought they were like gummy bears (he’s only had the vitamin version). The Let’s Grow! Seven-Grain Nibbles, in Mixed Veggie and Sweet Potato, are delish. They looked like thin versions of mini rice cakes and contain seven whole grains.

The Let’s Grow! Wakey Flakes Cereal rounds out the line. Varieties offered are Apple Cinnamon Oats and Multi-Grain with Banana. These cereals are especially made for toddlers and contain 1 gram of soluble fiber per serving. They’re available in Beech-Nut’s Easy Pour carton. While we did not try this out, I will be looking for it in my local grocery store (cereal is kind of a big deal in our home)

Beech-Nut’s Let’s Grow! Toddler Meals and Snacks are widely available. 

We are giving away three Beech-Nut Let’s Grow! toddler gift bags. Each bag contains a variety of the new Let’s Grow! meals and snacks, including Tummy Trays, Mini Meals, Yogurt Nibbles, 7 Grain Nibbles and Wakey Flakes Cereal with an estimated value of $15 each.

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  1. I love the No Junk promise. Very few foods marketed to our children offer that or seem to care enough to not put junk into their bodies.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for reviewing this! It is so hard to find toddler food without “junk”…I always am on the lookout for new products! 🙂

  3. I loved feeding my son Beech Nut when he started solid foods. It was a quicker alternative to always making his first foods from scratch or always buying Earth’s Best. I am excited they have a toddler food line now! Hooray for Beech Nut!

  4. Thank you beech nut for offering your new no junk promise! As a working mom, you want to do what is best for your children but may not always have the time to cook the most healthful meals every day. Having healthful meals from a trusted company that are pretty much ready to serve – fantastic! I can’t wait to try them with my daughter!

  5. I love the no junk promise. It is so hard trying to decipher the lables to know that I am serving my son the best foods possible.

  6. Cindy Sherritt says

    Loved and used Beech-Nut products with my kids and suggested my son and daughter-in-law check them out when their son was born. Beech-Nut’s healthy approach to kids rocks!

  7. We have a stockpile of Beechnut fruit snacks and yogurt nibbles at our house. It is so nice to have ready to go snacks that aren’t full of “junk” our kids don’t need.

  8. I am so excited for this line. It’s so nice to have some healthy variety!

  9. I am so excited for this line. It’s so nice to have some healthy variety!

  10. These yummy meals and snacks sounds perfect for my 18 month old son. I’ve never been a huge beech-nut fan, but I really want to find some of these for him to try. They sounds great! Please enter me in the giveaway.
    Thank You,
    Tami & Jake

  11. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for great tasting no junk food for my two year old. He loves to snack in between lunch and dinner, but I want to give him something I feel good about in case he chooses not to eat dinner for one two year old reason or other! Thanks Beechnut for the great choices.

  12. I would love stuff like this to have on hand for when we need a quick snack out and about. I feel much better feeding my kids this sort of stuff when I know it contains no junk! Especially since my son is super picky…I don’t want to waste any of the calories he eats on stuff that won’t help his body.

  13. Oh I can’t wait until my little one is old enough to enjoy this stuff.

  14. I love this line of foods! I hate picking up baby food products and seeing all the junk in them. THese look wonderful!!
    Thanks for another great contest,.
    sara, mum to 5

  15. Wow! It all looks great!

  16. OHHHHH… we love this stuff! I actually just got back from the store – where I picked up a whole bunch of beechnut products for our weekend out of town with the kiddos! yeah!!!We love beech nut!

  17. It’s refreshing to see a company take an active part in keeping children healthy.

  18. I’m glad to see the company branching from the organic/natural baby foods to later food stages. I can’t wait to try them when I find them in the grocery stores. Thanks for the updates.

  19. Jessica Sandberg says

    I think it’s great that a large company like Beech-Nut is taking responsibility and having accountability to their consumers this way. I’m always baffled by why we pay food companies to take away the nutrients and good stuff in our food to add “junk” that is of no nutritional value. Kudos to Beech-Nut.

  20. Sounds fabulous!

  21. Since the melamine baby formula scare I am adamant that there be no artificial ingredients in my child’s food. Thank you, Beech-Nut, for making the commitment to provide truly healthy foods for our toddlers.

  22. It sounds good, I will check out their product line in my local supermarket.

  23. My 18 month old daughter LOVES the banana cookies!! I am so excited, my local Supermarket just got the entire product line

  24. It is such a blessing that Beech Nut has come out with more healthy choices for our children. My daughter always loved the Beech Nut Good Morning/Good Evening cereals so I’m sure she will love the new meals.

  25. Amber Abbott says

    I am a huge fan of Beech Nut baby foods, and now that my son is almost 12 months old I will get a chance to feed him the new Let’s Grow line. I have been able to find only the baby foods and cereals in the local stores (according to the Beech Nut website) that actually carry the brand, I have not been able to find any of the Let’s Grow line anywhere. SO hopefully that will change in the very near future! I am so grateful that Beech Nut offers Infant/Toddler foods that are so beneficial to our children and their health…have no added preservatives…and offer the “No Junk” promise! Thank you!!!

  26. Beechnut is the ‘Bee’s Knees’! My son is a totally spoiled young ‘epicurian’ who has been spoiled with home made food from day 1.
    However, we recently came across the Fruit Nibbles and he went wild for them. (Like others here the only other ‘Gummy Bears’ he had eaten were the vitamin ones.) We would definitely recommend these tasty, nutritious ‘nibbles’ to anyone and they are definitely easy for little ones to chew.
    Alas, we are in trouble – Beechnut have temporarily removed the Fruit Nibbles from the market “so as to improve the flavor”! (No need from our prespective.) but the net result is that we are ‘fruit nibbleless’. Does anyone have any idea where we can get some in the meantime? Best wishes to all for the new year – a ‘Desperately seeking nibbles Mom…’

  27. I wrote to Beechnut because one box of the fruit nibbles I bought looked like dried up squirrel brains. They sent me an email and some coupons to apologize. . . now the fruit snacks are gone from store shelves and their website. . . bummer.

  28. I bought my daughter the Beech Nut Fruit Nibbles today, and was excited about the “No Junk Promise,” but when I opened a package, they looked DISGUSTING! Are they supposed to be sort of whitish/grayish? They don’t look right at all. I called Wal Mart to suggest that they may need to pull them off the shelves, and they weren’t particularly concerned. They were not expired — August 2009 according to the box. I got more concerned when I tried to look on Beech Nut’s website to see what they’re supposed to look like, and they’re not listed on the website at all. Have they been taken off the market???? I am NOT letting my daughter eat them, but I just wondered if anyone knows if they are supposed to look like that. Maybe I’m freaking out for nothing!

  29. does anybody know if any store sells them online?

  30. Does anyone know what happened with the Fruit Nibbles? I can’t find them anywhere. Did they pull them off the shelves for some reason? My neighbor gave me a few packages about a month ago, and my daughter loved them.

  31. i have been looking for where to get the lets grow baby has been on the baby cereal and would like her to start the lets grow cereal

  32. I had the same problem with the quality of the product, and was told by Beech Nut that they are supposed to look that way. Nevertheless we will not be eating these things, and I’m considering what step to take next. I found this article which says so many people have complained about the product that they have stopped production and are revamping it. That’s probably why you don’t see it on shelves.

  33. Love the NO JUNK promise… Sounds like a simple way to feed my son healthy food! I’ve heard a lit of great things online but cannot find these products in stores near me to try. If I knew he like them I would be willing to order online. The sample pack would be AWESOME and maybe I’d be able to convince my local stores to carry the products…

  34. I love the no junk promise. My daughter loves the snacks and foods. And I love giving to her, knowing she is getting the nutrients that she needs. I just cant find all the products in my grocery store. Hopefully I can get my local stores to carry more. The sample pack would be GREAT, because then my daughter would be able to try the other items that our stores do not carry…..

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