I have had many people tell me about the importance of stimulating my baby even while he is in the womb. They say read to him, play music…anything that can help with prenatal bonding. Although I am not sure I totally believe it, some articles even say playing music to your child in the womb could raise their IQ! Who am I to deny my child this opportunity?? So when I got the chance to give Belly Buds a try, I was ready to give the product my full attention.

Bellybuds are a safe and convenient option for sharing music, voices and/or sounds with your baby-to- be. The set comes with 1 set of Bellybuds belly phones that attach to your belly using reusable and skin safe hydrogel adhesive rings. The cord can then attach to any musical device such as an MP3 player, but I chose to plug it into my computer so I could use them while I was working. I chose to play classical music since I heard that is very peaceful for the baby, but  just for fun I did play him some Michael Jackson to see if he’d get into the groove… and I think he liked it!

The newest feature for Bellybuds is their Voice Share recording. The feature is currently being Beta tested, but you can still use it. Voice  Share allows Parents-to be, friends and relatives to share loving messages with baby. It’s great because you can even send e mails to loved ones asking them to record messages that can then be downloaded to your musical player. It’s always nice to give Grandma and Grandpa the opportunity to say hi to baby too!

The Bellybuds Deluxe Package ($49.99) comes with..

  • 1 set of Bellybuds bellyphones
  • 2 sets of medical grade, reusable and skin safe hydrogel adhesive rings
  • 1 set of Bellybuds buddons that dampen the external sound, allowing you to wear your bellyphones anywhere anytime
  • 1 neoprene storage pouch with clip
  • 2 bellyphones docks (to keep rings clean between uses)
  • 1 audio splitter that allows you to hear the same audio as your baby

I have enjoyed using Bellybuds and I think it would be a great gift to any expectant mother. Any product that helps me bond with my child even before he is here gets thumbs up from me!

Bellybuds provided me with a set of Bellyphones for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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