To prepare for the launch of Episode #4: The Secret of the Mediterranean of Bertolli’s Into the Heart of Italy TV series (staring Marisa Tomei and Dan Cortese), Bertolli has generously donated an awesome gift pack to one lucky Mommies with Style winner!

One winner will receive the following ($115 value):

  • Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
  • Bialetti Espresso Machine
  • Two Crate & Barrel Espresso Cups and Saucers
  • iTunes Gift Card with Suggested Contemporary Italian Playlist
  • Two VIP coupons for a Bertolli Frozen Meal for two that will transport you to Italy in just 10 minutes

Here’s some info on the show from Bertolli: In this episode, celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito and actors Marisa Tomei and Dan Cortese celebrate the Italian festival of Carnevale, ride a shrimp boat, and cook a Garlic Shrimp, Penne and Cherry Tomato dinner. But you don’t need to ride on a shrimp boat to catch your dinner or have sun-ripened cherry tomatoes from Italy to enjoy the authentic tastes of Italy. With Bertolli Frozen Meals you’re just minutes away from a luscious Italian experience in the comfort of your own home.

Note about the contest: this contest is open to US-residents only.

To enter the contest, leave a commentand answer the episode’s clue.

You can gain additional entries by Tweeting about this contest on Mommies with Style and making sure to @mommieswstyle and @bertolli so we know you have done so.

This giveaway will run until end of day, Tuesday, May 4th. One winner will be selected at random after that time.

Disclaimer: Mommies with Style will also be receiving this prize pack for posting this giveaway.


  1. Great giveaway! The clue led them to the carnival- it was a toy they had to look for. Then the clue ended up at the fishing boat.

  2. Judy Pomeroy says

    Wonderful video- nothing like the Mediterranean-beautiful sea.
    Marisa and friends looked like they had a great time culminating with that Epicurean delight of their own creation!
    Clown clue led them to the Carnivale which in turn took them on the fishing boat to catch the shrimp.. then along to the chef at Hotel Principe to prepare and add the shrimp in creating that fine meal.yum.yum. sounds like a good day to me!

  3. The clue was the clown that led the group to a carnivale, the sea, which provided them with the most gorgeous shrimp to the incomparable Hotel Principe and the Michelin chef Giuseppi. Watching the preparation of the shrimp pasta dish made my mouth water. Rocco
    di Spirito, a renowned chef in his own right, seemed to be in on the clue, since her left his two friends to work with Giuseppi in the kitchen.
    Bertolli really showcased its frozen pasta dinners well against the magical backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean and Italy!!!
    Glad I saw the video. Next stop, the supermarket to pick up the shrimp, cherry tomato pasta dish!!!

  4. Just watched the video. The clown was the clue. It interested me because, Bertolli makes the olive oil I use all the time. I’m going to make the shrimp/tomato/pasta they showed because it looks delicious
    and then I’m going to try their frozen product. I must say that their sauces are very authentic tasting. Why make something that they can do just as well!!! Oh, and another thing…I love Marisa Tomei as an actress!!!

  5. The clown was the clue …and I love Marisa Tomei!

  6. The clown is the clue, ahhh to be transported to Italy would be so nice! Great prizes!

  7. Mmmm shrimp with cherry tomatoes and garlic! I Pagliacci (clown) was the first clue – leading them to Carnevale in the street. The second clue was the boat that led them to the shrimp ingredient. And then off to Hotel Principe and Chef Giuseppi. My grandma, who was from Rome and Abruzzi made a dish very similar to this one. This made me think of her! But she woke up at 5am to make the meals of the day. I can go to the supermarket for an amazing Bertoli, easy-to-make, and oh-so-Italian meal like shrimp with cherry tomatoes, garlic and pasta!

  8. What a fun giveaway! The clown was the clue.

  9. Christine Roeske says

    The clown ornament was the initial clue! Italia, loved it and love the food even more!

  10. The clown was the first clue that led them to the carnivale, the second clue led them to the boat where they were going to go out to catch the shrimp. I would have gotten sea sick too! The dish looked delicious!

  11. Everything is delicious and beautiful in the Mediterranean- shrimp, tomatoes, wine. Mmmm… I am hungry. An interesting way to advertise. It works for me- I am ready to buy. It’s a Party… clown clue… to the shrimp boat… to the hotel…

  12. I just love Italy. The people, the architecture, the food. For the clues — it started with the little clown sign and then to the carnevale to the shrimp boat and then to cooking at the hotel. YUMMY!!

  13. The clue was the clown that led them to carnivale, then the boat, and then to the hotel. Looks amazing. Great giveaway!

  14. The clue was the clown which led them to the carnival parade and then another clue to the port/boat.

  15. The clue was the clown which led them to the carnival parade and then another clue to the boat.

  16. Woohoo! Can’t win if you’re not in! =) The cool clue led them to the carnival!

  17. how exciting! the kids would LOVE an ice cream maker, and well, I would love an espresso machine!

  18. The clue was the clown which lead them to the carnival. Ooh that food looks good!

  19. Clowns are scary! But, since it is the clue for this awesome giveaway, I will type the word!

  20. Cool giveaway! The clown was the clue!

  21. Not a fan of clowns! No surprise it was the clue leading to the carnivale. Fun giveaway.

  22. Wow, what a great giveaway. Yeah, the clown was the clue that led them to the carnival.

  23. Clue is the clown. Clown is the clue! Say that 10 times real fast.. 😉 Great prizes.. (saw your tweet) Would love to win! 🙂

  24. The clue was the clown. Fun giveaway!

  25. The clue was an Italian Clown that led them to a carnival. At the carival they get another clue to go to the port to catch their own fish! They catch shrimp and have to go to the Principe Hotel to cook a fabulous meal0 garlic shrimp w.pennete(spelling) and tomotoes. It looked DELISH!

  26. el georgia says

    The clown(toy) was the clue…
    LOVE IT!!!
    That was great!…

  27. Lethea Benson says

    The clown was the clue=) Cool video!
    Thanks bunches to you & Bertolli for a chance at such a fantastic prize, I’m crossing my fingers=)

  28. The clown card was the clue. Love Bertolli.

  29. Claudia Constantino says

    The clown was the clue! <3

  30. The clown was the clue. I would love an ice cream maker! 🙂

  31. Jamie Jimenez says

    The clown was the clue they needed.

  32. It was an Italian clown, and they had to go somewhere they would find a larger version which was the Carnivale. Where they are showered with confetti. Then they get another clue that leads them shrimping.

    Wasn’t there a movie where Marissa Tomei went to Italy to find her soul mate or something? I am blanking on the title…but this reminded me of that!
    Thanks for the chance. Bertolli meals are yummy.
    soluckyducky (at) gmail (dot) com

  33. Tweeted!
    soluckyducky (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. The first clue was the little clown ornament which led them to Carnivale, where they are given a clue to go catch their ingredient-shrimp.

    This is a fun series, I’ll have to catch up on the other episodes!

  35. crystal84 says

    clown was the clue to the carnival

  36. first clue = clown ornament (lol @ Dan Confetti comment in video)

    very generous giveaway and great prize!


  37. I followed you & bertolli on Twitter and RT’d


  38. Monique says

    The clue was a clown that led them to a Carnival and they had to going on a fishing trip with a fisherman and they caught shrimp.

  39. What a nice video; Italy is so beautiful! The first clue was the clown, the ultimate answer to the clue was the shrimp that they caught themselves on the boat which became the main ingredient in that evening’s dinner that they cooked – looked great!

  40. That little clown was the clue! Love my Bertolli!

  41. The clown was the clue to go to Carnivale where they rode in the parade. But I think it would be fun to go shrimping, although I wouldn’t want to clean the shrimp myself. Wish I had this for dinner tonight. Certainly makes me want to buy some Bertolli frozen meals!

  42. clown was so obvious
    These dinners sound like I can create a ambience here for me and hubby
    we could only imagine with the country life and disabilities

  43. The clown (and shrimp!) was the clue. I’d love to hear that iTunes playlist 🙂

  44. First the little clown that led to the Carnicale, and then they got another clue to go to the port to go shrimping. I love the Italian ambiance!

  45. The clown ornament led them to the Carnivale and being by the sea led them to the shrimp!

  46. The clown was the clue that led them o the carnivale. Loved this!

  47. the clue was the clown, I am now so hungry after watching!!!

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