People – I just shared this on Facebook and had to post it here too. And yes, I’m using all caps on a blog post title but my family was literally just in tears of hysterical laughter having so much fun with this app that I had to do it. Check it out – the BackwardsCam App is $1.99 in the iTunes store and worth every penny. Just film a short video and process it with the app and watch everything go in reverse. Too funny.


  1. I love it. We have to try it tomorrow first thing! xo

    • omg right? Your kids will love it. My kids got to bed late b/c they were so busy making funny videos. Good old family fun!!

      And yes, Cole is doing much better – not 100% but clearly getting most of his energy back lol

  2. Was able to see it here on Mommies, not on FB for some reason(unknown to me). .
    Video is funny and adorable!- I can only imagine what hours of fun everyone will have with that new app.. .a terrific idea. . . .

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