While I had heard of Nexxus hair products before, I had never used them before. I received an email from some of their PR folks about these great hair style ideas from Nexxus – all with Nexxus products that you can buy right at your local Walmart!

The options were:

-Elegant Side Chignon
-Hollywood Waves
-Weekend Chic
-Smooth & Sleek
-Modern Top Knot
I opted to check out Weekend Chic as I though it seemed the most me.  Here’s an image of what products and items you need in your house you should use to make this hairstyle:

I used two Nexxus products to style my hair this way – the Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Binding Mousse ($11.33 at Walmart.com) and they were out of the Styling Spray at the time so I substituted the Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Smoothing Shine Serum ($11.33 at Walmart.com).

Here I am before I started so you can get an idea of what my hair looked like pre-treatment:


You’re supposed to start out with wet hair so you can see that I wet my hair before I went to Step 1, which was to work the mousse through my hair:


After that was done, I used the Serum:


I made sure to really focus on my split ends with the serum, to make sure it would sink in:


I even brushed it through again just to make sure it all applied evenly:


Next, I blew my hair dry.  I was supposed to have a round brush, which I didn’t have so I just sort of did the best I could with my usual brush:


Next I added one big curler to the top of my hair, which somehow didn’t end up turning up in a picture.  (No really, that wasn’t intentional, not that I want you all to see how ridiculous I look in a curler!)  The point of the curler is to give the front of your hair a tiny bit of body.

After that, I pulled my hair back into a half ponytail:


More half pony-tailing:


Before securing it, I twisted the half ponytail:


This is me being all, “honey, did I twist it okay?”:


And ta-da!  Weekend Chic all done.  What do you think?  I kind of love it!  Really fun and definitely easy to do.  All totaled I think it took me 15 minutes to do all of this (including blow-drying my hair but note that I have super-thin hair and it never takes me long to blow dry!)


Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, meaning I was given product and paid to post about my experience with Nexxus. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I like it, I like it. . . pretty pretty spiffy do!

  2. Cute style:)

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