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No joke – this product pictured on the right is a CELL PHONE CHARGER!  I’m serious!  It looks like a cool lipstick case, right?  It’s the HALO Pocket Power Charger for cell phones and other electronics and it tucks right into your purse. It’s not only super functional as an extra charger on the go but it’s like carrying a cute accessory – score!

I got a sample of the HALO Pocket Power Charger from QVC ($29.98) and it’s been in my purse ever since. I use it with my iPhone5m but it has an adapter that makes it pretty universal for most cell phones.

Love this. Also?  Last month I had taken an after hours tour of QVC and the lady giving us the tour told us that this item has sold more items than almost any other QVC product in the history of QVC. I  found out that in the last year, the HALO 2800mAh PocketPower Charger for Cellphones has been the number one selling item in terms of units sold.”  Crazy, right?  Although not surprising – this little beauty has already helped me a ton.  I actually lent it the other day to my gym instructor – her iPod was low so the HALO came to the rescue so we could have music for our class!

Get the HALO Pocket Power Charger on QVC for $29.98.  I know it’s early but wouldn’t this make an awesome stocking stuffer?


  1. LOVE mine! It worked great yesterday when I was in NYC for the day. I came home with 30% battery left!

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