Do you guys ever get in a hair rut? Please tell me I’m not the only one. I don’t know if it was the added sun exposure or what but nothing was working for me for a couple of days. My hair literally felt like straw and even with my Moroccan Oil, I just couldn’t shake the nasty rat’s nest o’ hair I was having.

So I went out and changed up my shampoo. Sometimes I really think all it takes is a shampoo and conditioner shake-up. I find if I use the same product too long, it just doesn’t do my hair justice. I ran out and got a Tried & True shampoo & conditioner pair that I love for both the cost and the quality – Suave Professionals.

Several days in and my hair feels and looks much better! And truly, the cost is the best part about this shampoo! You’re getting salon quality at drugstore prices – Suave Shampoo is $3.49 for a bottle! In addition, is having a deal right now – buy two bottles, get $1 off your purchase.

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  1. Good advice to mix things up! My hair is due for a new shampoo.

  2. I love the entire line of Suave Professionals. The dry shampoo is a hair style savior!

  3. Great timing!!! My hair feels like straw all of a sudden. I remember reading once that Martha Stewart said you should change your shampoo every few months. I appreciate hearing about Suave Professional!!! Will buy it tomorrow!!!

  4. Have you tried the Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo? Its AMAZING!!

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