Do you ever look through the house and marvel at all the Disney DVDs you’ve bought for the kids over the years? Ever stop and think about how many Disney movies you have gone to see in theaters? If your house is anything like ours, you’d find it all adds up rather quickly. And now, with the introduction of the Disney Rewards program, it all adds up to exciting goodies for you and the kids. Because Disney has introduced Disney Movie Rewards – an exciting new program that pays you back for being a loyal Disney fan.
Here’s how it works. When you purchase tickets to see participating Disney films such as Meet the Robinsons (in theaters this month) and on select DVD & Blu Ray purchases you will receive a special code. Sign up online for your Disney Rewards account, enter your codes, and you will immediately start accumulating points.You will then be able to redeem your points for all sorts of Disney related products, from movie posters to event tickets, to Disney branded home electronics.
Click over to today to get started and learn more.


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