Jen was the one who first introduced me to QuickZip crib sheets. So you guys know how annoying it is when you have to change the crib sheet? Or worse, have to put a new one on? I know here I’m constantly annoyed, pulling and pushing, trying to fit the sheet around each corner of the mattress while bumping into the sides of the cribs. And it’s even worse with the crib bumper on, I’m pulling, pushing, twisting and ready to scream most of the time.
Made by company Cloud & Stars, QuickZip sheets alleviate all the aforementioned frustrations just how they sound they do – the zip right on and off. You put the sheet around the corners and in theory don’t have to remove that part for a long time. The part of the sheet that lays flat on the crib zips on and off for easy washing. This is so handy in the middle of the night when a diaper leaks, someone pukes or you’re just in a hurry. They make them in all kinds of choices including gingham.
Use coupon code MWS051508 for a 10% discount good through 5/15/08.

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