I recently attended a cousin’s wedding. A beautiful weekend, our family enjoyed catching up through the various events.
During one of those catch-up sessions, my uncle shared some family history that I didn’t know, and it made me realize just how much I don’t know about the generations before me. Allow me to share a bit of the conversation:
“Wait,” I interrupted, “but, how did Pop-pop and Phyllis [my deceased grandmother] meet?”
“You know,” Uncle Hank sighed, “I’m not entirely certain. I know Aunt Jean and your Pop-pop were in enrolled in a ballroom dancing class together, but I’m not sure if they met through Aunt Jean, or elsewhere?”
“So, did Aunt Jean and Pop-pop, you know, date before Pop-pop dated Phyllis?” I wondered aloud, deceptively, of course, because my mom dated Uncle Hank before my Dad (Hank’s brother) swept her off her feet.
“Hey! Watch it!” Uncle Hank teased as he rolled his eyes. “You know, I don’t think so. But I really don’t know the story.” We both looked over at Pop-pop, who sat smiling while taking in the lively scene.
“I wonder if he still remembers,” I thought.
Later that weekend, I retold the conversation to my mom. It was still bothering me, because there is so little I do know about Pop-pop’s generation, and, sadly, so little time left to really learn. We discussed that the memories that last longest are long-term. Its the short term memories that go first; those that our generation still does remember.
All of this led me to the series, between me and you. Its a series of journals for families to share. Questions you’ve been wanting to ask, but never had an opportunity. A spiral notebook, with a variety of volumes made for Grandma, Grandpa, parents, siblings, even family reunions, there’s space to answer questions like:

-For you, what was the most rewarding aspect of your life as a young woman?
-What really, really makes you happy?
-What was your brother like when you were growing up?

Designed to be given to someone you want to learn more about, you can also share the experience by conferencing with the important person and completing a volume together. (As I hope to do with Pop-pop.)
Memories of the past are priceless. Unlike photos, they’ll only last so long. Take the time to get to know your family a little better. Through October 8, 2007, save 10% on each journal when you enter code MWS001.


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