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I’ve been wearing Stella & Dot for years now and have spent God-knows-how-much money on jewelry and purses. I’m addicted! I’ve been to many parties with different hosts and many have commented how I should be selling it since I know so much and buy so much of the line. But I’m TOTALLY not a direct sales person so I have always said no. I couldn’t ever see myself hosting a party and I certainly have my hands full with my social media work.

But over the weekend and after talking to my good friend Jen who is a Star Stylist with Stella & Dot (and who has basically made a lucrative career with S&D!) at Mom Mixer last weekend, I decided it might be worth my while to just sign up and get myself the jewelry at the stylist price.

If you know me – I will not be hosting a party or asking you to host a party for me but if you are a reader and love good jewelry at great prices, you’ll see some posts from me moving forward that link to some of my fav pieces and I’d get a small percentage of the sale if you purchase. And I’ll be hosting online partiesif anyone is ever interested in hosting one of those too – you still get the awesome perks when you’re a hostess.

So, since it’s Fashion Friday, I thought I’d feature the current Top 10 best sellers at Stella and Dot. Here’s the breakdown and the links are below.

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1. Zoe Lariat
2. Lynx Pearl
3. Deja Vu Stud
4. Waverly Petite
5. Pearl Spike Cuff
6. Relic Pendant
7. Freya Fringe
8.Isabelle Wrap
9. Ally Double Wrap
10. Natalie

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And last weekend, I wore theRelic Statement Necklace; I got so many compliments on it and you can adjust the chain to make it shorter if you wish too. My earrings are also Stella & Dot but from many years ago so they no longer sell that pair but they have a similar pair here.

I set up a Mommies with Style Online Party starting today in honor of my first week! There’s a good sale going on right now too: if you buy through this linkand spend $50 on something, you can get 50% off on one of these items below:

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I have the Shift bag and love it – that black part in the front detaches and can be a clutch! That bag is my go-to when I’m traveling for work since it can function as a laptop bag during the day and then becomes a smaller evening bag. That’s probably the best deal in the bunch but all of these are awesome as teacher’s holiday gifts too!

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