One of the first questions I am asked, when I tell friends that I am about to review a bag, is how many pockets it has. There are many camps of diaper bag style afficianados. But the Pocket-tistas are the most populous and the most vocal. Could it be because their ranks are so impeccably organized? In the interest of mothers everywhere, I decided to give the more-is-more pocket philosophy a whirl.
And so, I set out to find the most uber-organized, pocket-packed, feature-loaded diaper bag known to motherkind. Scouring stores and the web I finally found a promising candidate in “Paris” by LALA Laptop.
Originally designed as a laptop bag, this bag has become popular with particular moms who love to have a place for everything and everything in its place. The quality is exceptional, with no detail missed. From the luxurious (I got pink) ostrich impressed leather to the heavyweight shiny nickel hardware and multiple oversized “feet” – it is a class affair. No surprise that classy celebrity fansof this bag include Jennifer Garner and Julianne Moore
Though you would never guess it from the horrible mess on my desk, I am the type of person who actually loves the smell of sharpie pens and visualizes The Container Store as my “Happy Place.” So naturally, I could not wait to get this bag loaded up. In all my years of carrying bags, baby bags, purses, breifcases even, I had never seen such an impressive array of magnetic snaps.
Wearing this bag fully loaded I felt like a Female Mommy Mcguyver. There was nothing I could not find. No situation I was not ready for. I glided through mommy and me and the mall finally “getting” the Pocketistas as I achieved a near state of organizational bliss.
For the record – because you pocket ladies want the lowdown, I know you do – here is how I packed it.
I loaded one of the main compartments with diapering essentials, tucking disposable bibs and changing mats into the zipped pocket. A lovely little leather detachable pouch inside got first aid items and rash cream. I knew it would be easy to locate in an actual rash emergency since it velcros securely in place. The second main compartment, kitted out with foam for a future laptop, was packed with a change of clothes and a snack that did not get crushed! But it was the exterior console, where the real pocket action was going on.
First I placed my calling/mommy cards in the card slots. I put my cell in its own zipped compartment and kids sunscreen with my lipgloss in another. Still another square pocket, in the top corner, recieved a binky. We don’t actually use a binky but I thought if I was going to call this review “Binky in the Corner Pocket”, I ought to put one in there for authenticity.
I was just getting started. I loaded up the detachable (but very firmly clipped and snapped on) wallet with my cash, drivers license and a credit card. The wallet has a retractible wristlet for you to use when you detach it. It is cute on its own – like a little clutch purse. So you get two bags in one. Then I clipped my keys on the loop in front and in the roomy side pocket, I put a bottle. Thats 3 enclosed pockets, a detachable wallet/bag, a key clip and a card file so far, in case you lost count. And that is just the front!
By the time I got to the back of the bag I was running out of things to pack. But still there were two more medium sized exterior pockets there (snacks? crayons?), as well as a hidden slash pocket at the top, enabling you to store larger flat items like a magazine or coloring book safely in the back outer part of the bag.
Fully loaded the bag was a little heavy, but the great strap choices made the load feel much lighter. The double handles are long enough to use alone, and still wear the bag on your shoulder tucked under your arm. They are artfully padded with a dense squishy foam that magically keeps them from cutting into your shoulder. And there is also a detachable long shoulder strap should you prefer to wear the bag messenger style.
This bag got a lot of envious attention from my friends. It made me expand my horizons and embrace my organized self. It definitely gets my vote for the most well organized bag I have ever tried, and picks up bonus style and luxury points along the way! I guess there is a little Pocketista in us all.
Mommies with style, combine the bliss of perfect organization with the joy of a great deal. Choose your bag from the LALA website. Then phone in your order and mention this article and you will recieve 20% off.

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