Looking for something a bit different for your little one to wear with pride? Check out these t’s by Bitty Braille. Hand-embroidered words like “happy”, “silly” and “smile” adorn the t’s. Making them unique, the words are also spelled with metal studs (rhine-studs on girls ts) in braille. Also available from Bitty Braille are personalized ts–your child will see her name in the cursive and braille. A great baby or birthday gift, these tees are available now available in long-leeve as well as shortleeve. Love the idea of communicating with Braille? Check out Bitty Braille‘s other items: Braille Birthstone Charms, hair bows and blankies.
Here’s an amazing excuse to buy a great new t-shirt for your little one: 10% of Bitty Braille sales goes to The American Foundation for the Blind. Through November 16, use code MWS15% for 15% off your purchase.

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