I’ve been so engrossed in the fact that my oldest son is starting Kindergarten this fall that my preschooler has been sorely neglected.  Because it is also his “first” year at a new school; it’s his first year in preschool.

He’s two and a half and he’ll be going two days a week to the same school his brother just graduated from.  And although his brother never packed a backpack his first year, Cole is already asking where his backpack is. (It’s the little brother syndrome of course – he sees big brother getting one and wants one too!)

Considering that he’s still small, and considering that he’ll only be coming home with a piece of artwork or two now and again, I wanted something tiny that was pretty much for show, and for his own happiness.  When I spotted the Blabla Kids backpack on the Arte Bebe website, I knew it fit the bill.

It arrived today and it’s just want I wanted for him.  It fits his little back perfectly, is light and easy for him to carry, and it has a zipper pocket for him to stick smaller items.  Plus, the thing is just too cute when he has is strapped on.

We got the Panda Bear.  Check out the other Blabla animal backpack available at Arte Bebe:  tiger, giraffe, two types of dogs, a kitty and more.  And use coupon code MWSFALL09 for 15% off all clothing and accessories (including backpacks) through September 30th.


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