Kit1.jpgJust in time to bless the Baby New Year, comes this Birth Blessing Kit from Two Plums Paper. Its such a goodie that it’s making my top ten list if things I love for the year. If you have a pregnant friend, a shower to attend, or if you yourself are pregnant, you really need to get this!
I first heard about the kit, but did not see it, while attending an event at NOM, an uber-hip maternity shop in L.A., last spring. It was still in development and I could not imagine exactly what a “Baby Blessing Kit” was. I confess, I may have rolled my eyes. It sounded so L.A., and not in the best way.
Then about a month ago, I started hearing some buzz about these kits again. Celebs were loving them. Posh shops were ordering them. And in that small world bizarre way – I happened to coincidentally meet one of the co-creators. She was super cool and nice, and I do mean that in the best way. I pushed my skepticism aside and knew I really had to check these kits out!
Not sure what to expect, I worried there would be religious overtones. Usually when I hear the word “bless” I get slightly uncomfortable. Blessings mean many things to many people, and rarely the same things. I needn’t have worried though. While there are nods throughout the accompanying literature, to the beliefs and rituals of many cultures, there is no preaching. After taking stock of what this kit was really all about, I went to and found the definition that best fit the kit, which is” to bestow good of any kind upon”. That is truly what it’s all about. Regardless of belief or practice, this is a roadmap and a memory making kit, that will preserve and share everone’s most heartfelt sentiment and high hopes for the life to come. A tall order, but delivered gracefully!
And nothing against games that involve guesstimating jelly beans and identifying baby-food stains in a diaper, but I’d certainly prefer a Baby Blessings ritual at my own shower.
So what’s inside the gorgeously coordinated paper board box? A scented candle, a Blessings Guide Book for the hostess, a footsoak for mom, a lovely locket necklace for the mom to wear both before and after baby arrives, and pretty decorated notecards for guests to write up their wishes for the mother and child. These cards are then woven into a garland that can be brought to the hospital as a reminder of all that love and support, and cherished forever. Guests also get silk cord bracelets to wear for the remainder of their friends pregnancy, as a reminder to be kind and supportive of the mom in this time.
The kit contains many additional suggestions of activities, practices and decor that the hostess can incorporate into the shower/gathering. But nothing is written in stone. Wear white if you want, or wear the mom’s favorite kind of jeans to wish her a speedy return to them. Decorate with flowers, or with her favorite kind of cupcakes. I think it is ultimately a great jumping off point, and you should feel free to incorporate your own familial or religious beliefs into the ritual.
What I like best about this kit is how it fosters love, support and connection. In our modern world, we are so focussed on doing and decorating and entertaining and photo ops when we host celebrations, that it is easy to lose sight of the real intention. This kit puts us back in touch with that intention, and this is truly a blessing, in every sense of the word. And one that I wish upon all pregnant moms and their babies to be born in 2007. Phone in your order to 323.344.9815 and mention Mommies with Style to receive 10% off your kit.

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