Blossumz016_2 Ahhhh….

This is the sound you will make when you discover and use Blossumz.

Engorgement, mastitis and sore nipples are just a few of the painful breast issues that we women face when our milk comes in after delivery and when we are breast feeding and weaning.

And let me tell you. The pain! It’s all worth it of course, but it can be excruciating. And in many cases it can make you temporarily want to give up on breastfeeding all together. Don’t give up yet! You may find that everyone has a suggestion for you – from tea bags to frozen peas to cabbage leaves. And you may get some relief from these things. But nothing like the relief you will get from Blossumz.

Placed in the freezer or warmed in the microwave, these handy gel packs are a girls best breast friend. They can be placed in your bra and come with cute fabric covers that keep the gel pack from sticking to you.

See the lady in the picture? If I had two of these I would look just like her (plus or minus a few pounds!). Since I only have one Blossumz I am walking around lopsided. But I don’t care. It’s worth it for the sweet relief of boob pain! My girls will just have to take turns.

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  1. This is a great invention! I would have loved to have these on hand during the engorgement period. I will definitely check them out when I get pregnant with baby #2.

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