blueaster-sports1 Blue Aster Designs creates amazing multi media collage art that is simply beautiful! They specialize in magnetic memo boards, magnetic photo frames, memory books, framed invitations and customized photography art.

Last year when I was searching for the perfect memo board for my kids’ rooms, I was amazed at how expensive the boards can be. So when I happened to attend a show and spotted a gorgeous Magnetic Memo Board from Blue Aster Designs that was more in my price range, I was so excited! These unique boards are completely magnetic and can incorporate your choice of specialty papers, wall papers, scanned fabric images, chalkboard or photography. The board can be specified to whatever color, theme, or photo you would like. I did a sports theme for my son’s and a pink with purple theme for my daughter’s. The memo boards are finished with color coordinated ribbons or brads. Included with the boards are fabulous magnets that are handmade out of polymer clay. They are really neat and I haven’t seen anything like them! The inside dimensions are 16”x 20” with a 2″ wide frame, which is available in many colors. In addition, they can also be made with a clipless frame, to appear frameless. A smaller version of the magnetic memo board is available in an 11”x 14” size, which is great for smaller spaces. These smaller boards are frameless, can stand-up with an easel back, or hang from a ribbon. Similar to the larger boards, these can be customized to your color or theme and all come with 5 clay magnets. Both boards would look great in your kitchen, office, bedroom, play room or just about anywhere in your house. They are truly distinctive works of art!

blueasterphotoframe I also adore their unique Photo Frames. These frames are created from your favorite photos and make up a collage matte that surround a magnetic board or framed mementos. The sample I was sent has pictures of my kids from the past few years surrounding a magnetic piece. It is so precious and stands proudly in my kitchen to keep notes and such out in plain view for me to see. The notes are held up by these adorable clay letter magnets that spell family. I always receive complements on how neat it is when someone comes over. The Photo Frames are offered in sizes 11”x 14” and 16”x 20”. Personalized letter magnets are available as well.

Fabulous for gift-giving, Blue Aster Designs creates works of art for all occasions! Their art is perfect for the person that has everything, the person you really want to get something unique for or if you just like to do something a little different with your photos! Prices range from $22.50 to $150.00 plus tax & shipping depending on size and product.  Give them a call (609-320-8039) or e-mail to discuss your order. They have a website and are on Facebook which is their online catalogue. They are currently offering a 10% discount on purchases of $50.00 or more to anyone who become a Facebook fan.

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