Stocking 3 days of the BluePrint Cleanse in my fridge. Have to admit, seeing all 18 bottles lined up was a bit daunting.

Had I prepared a little better, I would have ordered The 3-Day Cleanse Book before this week. The Book, which talks about the merits and how-tos of the Cleanse is authored by the co-founders of the BluePrint Cleanse that I was about to embark on.

It arrived from Amazon the night before I started so I only had a brief time to skim it and read how I should have been prepping ahead of time for my 3-day Cleanse. I like to be prepared but I was most definitely not this time. (The tasty margarita I had the night before I started was most definitely not on the recommended pre-Cleanse list.)

I figured it was okay though – I opted for the Renovation Cleanse, which is like the Beginner juice only cleanse for BluePrint Cleanse. 6 juices each day for three days.

Fed Ex dropped the package at my doorstep at 9:20 on Day 1. However, I wasn’t home and didn’t start my first drink until I got home at 11.

The 1st and 3rd drink is the Green Juice. I didn’t mind it but it certainly wouldn’t be my drink of choice at any time – especially early in the morning. It’s heavy on the veggies but the veggies are good ones (spinach, kelp) and there’s even a hint of Lemon and Apple in the juice. I got through it.

The 2nd is great – a Pineapple/Apple/Mint Juice. Loved it. If it weren’t so pricey, I’d order more of this to just have in the house on a regular basis.

Drink 4 is the Spicy Lemonade. I have to admit that I only drank part of it. It has Cayenne Pepper in it and as someone with a sensitive stomach, I was worried about it.

Drink 5 is the Beet Juice. Bleh. I’m not a big fans of beets but I can tolerate them. (Some reviews had people gagging at the smell.) I was fine with it and got it down.

Drink 6 is the Cashew Nut Milk. Yum! Love this drink, it was like a tasty dessert before I went to bed.

Hardest parts thus far:

  • being a Mom and preparing all the foods for my kids. I have to remind myself not to take a bite as I’m doing it.
  • Drinking this amount of liquids. I don’t drink as much water as I should normally, so I feel like I’m constantly trying to ingest liquids while doing this.
  • I miss my coffee.

But otherwise, it’s going well. I’m not really hungry and feel great so far.

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  1. Totally surprising how un- hungry we are right? Truly. I can barely get through 1/2 the juices I’m so full! Time for Cashew now! It’s 830 and I never made it to the Beet Juice again!

  2. Hi Whitney,

    I was checking out your blog and came across this post – how did the cleanse turn out? Would you recommend trying it? I have been thinking about doing a cleanse – right now I am just trying to cut out sugar since Halloween candy has already snuck into my house and mocks me every time I open the cabinet!

  3. Tiffany – I need to do a follow up post. I think it turned out well – I definitely cheated by the last day though. I think it was tough to do 3 days of no food with the kids… I couldn’t really afford to feel dizzy and sick the way I did the last day. I think I would recommend doing it but I would recommend doing the Juice ’til Dinner plan

    It definitely helped me to want to eat healthier too though, which is most definitely the end-result you want!

  4. I like your website and definetely this is welcoming news. Have a few friends in the UK who will appreciate this. 🙂 Yeah, you do bring up an interesting point about cleansing. If I put myself in the “non-early-reader” I would not understand, or care about but is not the case. Who are all these people who instead of taking care of their health prefer not… just love it.

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