As I blog about this product, I wonder where my life was before I had this. It’s sort of the same feeling I had with my iPhone or my computer. This falls into the catetory of “little technological items that make my life a whole heck of a lot easier that I can’t imagine living without”.
So recently I was on the phone with my Mom. Everyone reading this review can picture it because you’ve all been there: two kids screaming over a toy in the background, me trying to load the dishes, the cats screaming from the water bowl and me with just not enough hands to get done what needs to get done. As usual, I tried to end the conversation with a quick “I have to go,” out of mere frustration.
My Mom remarked, “You know Whit, you should really get one of those hands-free headsets like Dad has. Then you could talk all you like and have two hands to deal with your life.”
Since I’m anything but a hard sell and it was a brilliant idea I hadn’t really given much thought to, I ended up in the AT&T store later that afternoon looking at all the Bluetooth products for my iPhone. I ended up with this piece – a Motorola H6880. It was one of the moderate priced pieces $79.99 at my local AT&T store) but the guy told me it’s one of the best in his opinion.
I love it. I find myself using my cell at home instead of my home phone because it’s just so convenient to be hands free. I’m on the phone a lot – some for work, some not for work, but there’s always that constant of craziness in the background and freeing up my hands has made such a difference. I’ve been using it in the car and even walking around the mall. (Okay so my friend Rachael told me I look like I’m talking to myself but you know what, I really don’t care.) I urge every Mama who talks on the phone often and any level of craziness in her life to get one.
So chances are, your phone has Bluetooth. (It’s the technology that allows you to go wire-free) If you want to read up about it, you can check out this Bluetooth FAQ on the Motorola site.


  1. I've used many bluetooth over the years with many different phones and I couldn't find a good quality bluetooth headset. I, too, have an iphone, and after doing research on a bluetooth headset, I ended up buying the Jawbone bluetooth headset. This, by far, is the best bluetooth headset I've ever had. The greatest feature is it has a noise cancellation feature so if you're talking to someone on your bluetooth, and there's a lot of background noise (like a baby crying), the person on the other end won't hear it (or at least barely hear it). The battery life is good and the sound quality is excellent. You can buy these at the Apple Store or the At&t store as well as online electronic stores.
    Also, the next generation iPhone is rumored to come out in late June (will be 3G and have GPS chip and will be a bit thinner)

  2. Parrott car kit or Bluetooth earpiece? Where's the clear advantage?
    Salespeople may tell you that Bluetooth earpieces are the low-cost solution to hands-free calling — but a closer look reveals these claims to be misleading.
    Here is a list of disadvantages that the earpiece manufacturers and resellers don't want you to know about:
    * Nearly all Bluetooth earpieces have an internal battery that can't be removed. These batteries have a short life of approximately 300 charges, or approximately one earpiece per year (less if you recharge every day). And prices range from $20-$300, averaging about $50.
    * The earpiece can't be used while it is charging.
    * The earpieces don't fit everyone comfortably. One size definitely doesn't fit all; yet you cannot try the earpiece before you buy.
    * The earpieces are uncomfortable for those who wear glasses or sunglasses.
    * For reasons of hygiene, the earpieces should not be shared.
    * Earpieces are easily lost, stolen, or broken.
    * Bluetooth headsets, on average, last just 26 hours when not in use and only 2 to 3 hours when talking.
    * Many users purchase more than one Bluetooth earpiece, then finally give up and buy an integrated Bluetooth car kit.
    * Potential harmful effects from radiation through the earpiece.
    * Most people find the earpieces uncomfortable and ugly, and/or experience lousy audio quality.
    For corporations looking to go hands-free, the disadvantages are multiplied. Bluetooth earpieces are more expensive than car kits over their 3-5 year life. Many employees resist using Bluetooth earpieces for reasons of comfort, aesthetics, and possible health risks. Yet no one will be unhappy with a Parrot hands-free car kit.
    A Parrot Bluetooth car kit provides many years of robust, high-definition audio quality using car stereo speakers. Parrot is hands-free at its finest!

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