The Presidental Election can be confusing to children (and adults!). My children have had so many questions this campaign year. “What are the Republican and Democratic parties?”, “How does a vote count?”, “What are swing states?”, and “What are electoral votes?”. We found an amazing game, Election Night, that helped open up conversations and teach our kids how an Election is won.

Two players or teams battle for critical electoral votes in a gripping race for the presidency. Use your dice to choose products or sums that could help you the most. Strategically target key states with freezes and re-rolls to counter your opponent’s progress, and be quick to adapt strategy as conditions change. Lock down quick victories in states with smaller vote numbers or work for longer-term objectives in states with larger totals on your way to gaining the 270 electoral votes you need to become President.

This game is perfect to learn addition and multiplication while helping kids think big things–like running for and becoming President. After a few minutes in our kids started to memorize factors they needed to gain votes in winning states like California and Texas. They began to understand why canidates need to win certain states to win the election. This was a great for our family game night. I could also see it being very useful for kids during home schooling. A fun way to learn math while not even realizing you are!

You can check out the game on YouTube

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