toomanycooks2 I hope my kids never have a chance to read Emily Franklin’s book, Too Many Cooks.  The reason why: this book makes my sad attempts at cooking even more pathetic than they already are.

Pre-kids, the author was a professional chef and foodie.  Her book chronicles her life in the kitchen, cooking for a family of six, over the course of a year.  She shares over 100 yummy recipes along with everyday life family stories.

I hesitate to call it a “cookbook” because it’s not that.  It’s basically a year-long story about a Mom who happens to have a cooking background, having fun in the kitchen testing different foods and recipes on her family as she multi-tasks everyday at just being a Mom.  She shares plenty of fun antidotes along the way that any Mom can appreciate.

It’s a fun read I think everyone can relate to (whether or cook or not) with a variety of recipes like good old corn pudding to Egg Nog Pancakes and Kahlua Sauce. (yum!)

Read an excerpt and get it on Amazon for 32% off at $16.99.


  1. I’m LOVING this book. Totally relating on so many levels, and getting inspired with great cooking ideas. I actually went to the store today WITHOUT A GROCERY LIST and grabbed what looked good in the produce section. Just like Emily and Jamie did in the book.

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  3. I just recieved a copy of this from Emily and LOVED it! As a food lover myself, this was a great fit for me. Loved her stories and the way she makes you want to be a part of her family. The recipes sound great too.

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