In the last month our son has gone from being a drinker, to being an eater. This has presented a bit of a problem in our somewhat cramped breakfast nook. I did not want to add a bulky, space hogging ugly highchair that would dominate the table space. But feeding a squirmy six month old on your lap gets old fast. I knew I needed something. I knew I wanted something special.
The instant I laid eyes on the Boon Flair – I knew it was that something.
The Boon Highchair has some nifty, “oh wow” features, like a pneumatic lift system that allows you to raise and lower the highchair with ease. You push a button and it pops up or slides down on a central pole, much like a barber’s chair. But that is not what made me fall in love with it. It was the smooth, almost translucent seat that seemed to glow, that got me. I was at once in love with the seamless, podlike shape of this chair. No nooks and crannies for pureed carrots to petrify in. Thank you Boon!
Our chair is a fairly unique blue, paler than a summer sky, and perfectly coordinated with our mod/beachy kitchen. The stylish good looks make it easy to live with and the pedestal design means it does not have too much of an obtrusive presence in our cramped nook. It tucks neatly into the corner and comes to the table without getting four legs in a tangle. I’m mesmerized by the graceful way that it rolls, or rather glides, in any direction. It also spins on a dime. Moving it around the kitchen is easier than moving some strollers. This makes it a great place for my baby to sit and play while I do dishes or prepare meals or answer some email – I just drag him along next to me. As I write this, he’s my co-pilot. I really appreciate that my rather active son is very securely buckled into the chair with a five point harness, and is also held in by the post between his legs.
IMG_0237.JPGClean up after mealtime is super easy – the Boon comes with two snap on tray covers that can be popped in the dishwasher. The tray has two settings, allowing him some room to grow. The seat pad is non absorbant and can be wiped down with household cleaners.
I should note that this is not a reclining highchair, so it would not be appropriate for children who are not yet able to sit upright. But we did not feed our son solids prior to his ability to sit up in a chair like this, so we did not need a seat that reclined. This chair will be with us for a good long time – it is suitable for kids up to 50 pounds and four years of age.
We could not be more thrilled with our Boon Flair. It’s just a pleasure to use – and to look at! Purchase this fabulous high chair direct from Boon Inc.


  1. Hey Ciaran, do you find the tray small compared to other trays? could you fit a kiddie plate on the tray? i’ve been drooling over the highchair forever, but keep questioning the small tray.
    just wondering!
    Shana Tovah, BTW!

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