So Boon Inc. is a company known for their modern-looking designs and their line of feeding products are no different. We recently tested out a Snack Ball and I have to say, I wasn’t a fan at first. My toddler had a hard time opening the top when it was filled with snacks.
Months later, he’s finally “gotten it” and I think it may be more his age as he gets this at 22 months where he couldn’t at 14 months. It’s shaped like a ball and the top swivels open to reveal snacks. Seeing as “balls” are his favorite toy, you guys can imagine the reaction to a ball that’s filled with food – very exciting! It’s kind of neat too the way it tosses into my bag and is easy to grab. It retails for $6.50 and you can get it on the Two Blue Peas site. Use coupon code SNACK to receive 10% off that or any other Boon products.
Also notable, Two Blue Peas is having a sale on all Caden Lane bedding and diaper bags for the month of September. Receive 10% off & free shipping with coupon code CadenLanePN09 to take advantage of that deal.

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