I love when companies make smart products. Take for instance Boon’s Squirt spoon that came out a few years back – fill up the handle with baby food, stick on the cap and feeding baby on the go was as simple as pie…or smashed peas. I still do love this spoon, but there was only a 2-3 month window when baby was only eating one Squirt handle full of food. It lost some of its convenience if you had to refill the spoon handle while you were out and about.

But now Boon has a new fantastic new product to make feeding time even easier when you’re on the go – and for babies who eat more. The Dispensing Spoon.  What it lacks in creative naming, it totally makes up for with usefulness. In conjunction with Plum Organics, the Dispensing Spoon screws directly on to Plum Organics’ squeezable, portable pouches of flavor combinations like apple/carrot, pumpkin/banana and blueberry/pear/purple carrot to make mealtime as easy as squeezing. Brilliant!

What I love:

* great for meals on the go, in the car, at the park and any other situations where one-handed feeding is needed

*  each package comes with two spoons and a storage case

*  dishwasher safe (top-shelf only)

*  free of phthalate, PVC and BPA

Heading on the road this summer or even just to your neighborhood park for lunch? Take the stress out of feeding baby on the go, by throwing a Boon Dispensing Spoon and two Plum Organics packs in the diaper bag. Buy the two pack of Dispensing Spoon for $3.99 at Boon’s website or at EcoMom.


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