kaboost3.JPGThe crummy, food-laden booster seat…..the time you spend cleaning out all of the little crevices where food is trapped…..the complaining you hear from your kids that they don’t want to sit in their booster anymore…..the unsteadiness of your kids on their knees! Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to do, hear or think about any of the above and could just enjoy a meal together? Well KABOOST to the rescue!
The elegant KABOOST is not an ordinary booster seat but rather a boost for the chair that will elevate your child to the height of the table. Your child can sit just like Mom, Dad or an older sibling! The KABOOST uses an adjustable spring system that snaps-on to most 4-legged chairs in seconds. The spring-loaded arms firmly grip the chair legs into place. It has a choice of two height positions (just flip it over) which are equivalent to the same heights of standard booster seats – allowing your child to grow with it! It has non-slip rubberized feet so it won’t scratch floors. The wide base helps improve the chairs stability, which makes the chair more stable than the same chair without the KABOOST! The KABOOST is lightweight and folds compactly making it ideal for travel. It’s recommended for children aged 20 months to 6 years old and is extremely sturdy, as it can hold up to 300 pounds! It comes in a variety of colors and there is no assembly required.
KABOOST2.jpgI knew I had to get a KABOOST as soon as I heard about it since my daughter is always complaining about how she doesn’t want to sit in her booster anymore and would rather kneel, which presents all sorts of problems. To my delight, my daughter is in love with it and so am I! I highly recommend this amazing, innovative booster that will make your child feel just like everyone else at the table and keep your kitchen chair looking like your child was never there!
Be the first to receive a KABOOST by pre-ordering one today. It will ship out on August 15th. Enter code “mstyle” in the promotional box at checkout to save 10% off of your purchase from now until September 30, 2007.

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