Recently, my skin has seemed a little, well, dull. Could it be the lack of sleep from my newborn baby? Post-pregnancy hormones? My recent 30th birthday? Turns out, it was a lack of moisture. I had a chance to check out the LL Regeneration line by Annemarie Borlind, one of Europe’s leading botanically-based skin care lines that relies on natural ingredients to cleanse, treat, and protect your skin.  Geared for women 30+, the LL Regeneration line is specialized to promote cell renewal, smooth wrinkles,  strengthen the skin to resist aging, and replenish “dry, poorly moisturized skin over 30” as each product description reminds you. Ouch. Sounds so depressing. Fortunately, the products in the LL Regeneration line remedy this. (The “dry, poorly moisturized” part, not the “over 30” part. The latter, you are stuck with.)

I tested out the Cleansing Milk, Blossom Dew Gel, Night Cream, Day Cream and Eye Wrinkle Cream. When I first applied the products, I thought they were way too thick and moisturizing for my skin. But I soon realized that moisture was just what my skin needed. The first morning after using the products, my skin looked plump. Throughout the day, downright dewy! My favorite products are the Cleansing Milk and Day and Night Creams. The Cleansing Milk is gentle, soft even, yet effective at cleansing the skin without stripping any natural oils. The Day and Night creams are thick and luxurious, but absorb into the skin nicely. With ingredients like shea butter to moisturize, Vitamin E to heal, coneflower extract to strengthen and calendula to soothe, the Day Cream leaves your face soft, dewy and glowing. (I do wish that the Day Cream came with an SPF.)

I was also impressed with Borlind’s aim to use botanical ingredients that provide the most effective results, their commitment to complete disclosure of ingredients – even trace elements, and their strict cruelty-free guidelines. You can read more about their rigorous ingredients’ standards here and about their clinical test results here.

Borlind has a number of skincare lines so if you don’t fall into the “dry, poorly moisturized skin over 30” category, visit their site to check out their other collections –

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