This is a collective review by Whitney and Julie. You see, we’re so amazed at the inventions and innovations by Skip*Hop that we collectively come up with comments about their ease and use.
Take, for example, Skip*Hop’s new Triple Bottle Bag. When Whitney had meetings in New York last week, she, of course, had to bring along her pump. Not wanting to waste the precious expressed milk, she brought along her triple bottle bag to try it out (and included a few ziplock baggies of ice). She pumped around noon, placed the milk in the insulated bag, completed her meetings and returned home (admittedly rushed and flustered) after a long train ride. About an hour later, she walked into swim class, wearing the Triple Bottle Bag messenger style, proudly proclaiming that the milk was saved! The bag (insulated with 3M’s Thinsulate) easily stored the milk and kept it and the ice chilled. (And I do need to mention just how cute this bag looked on her–she has ice blue.)
I’d never thought of wearing the bag that way! When I got my Triple Bottle Bag, in red, I immediately thought, “Aha! Now Wes has an insulated backpack for lunch at school next year!” This will easily hold a sandwich, snacks, and his bottle of water. The size and straps are perfect for a 2 year old to wear on his back.
Then there’s the single bottle bag. Its more than a bottle bag. Last week, planning at least a 5 hour spree of shopping, I grabbed the Skip Hop Single Bottle Bag and tossed in an ice-pack, a sippy cup and 2 cheese sticks. In the brigade of moms unpacking their cars and kids to enter the mall, I strapped my single bottle bag onto my stroller (that’s right, no tossing it in the basket–save that space for all of your purchases). But wait! It gets so much better. Conveniently, Wesley was thirsty just around the time that I got a drink. I handed him his drink, and noticed that my sans-cupholder stroller had an insulated cup-holder. SCORE!!! I placed my cup inside and was able to push with 2 hands and continue to sip my lemonade, without worries of ice melting or the waxy-paper cup turning icky and soggy.
The Pacifier Pocket seems much more Cole’s thing. Just like almost everything Skip*Hop, it attaches to your stroller so you aren’t searching and searching… and searching for the pacifier when baby is in need.
And my use? Well, neither of my kids are pacifier kids, but I’ve found a few handy ideas for this piece. Because it attaches to my stroller, I’ve found it the perfect pocket for my keys and small change! No longer am I searching and searching through my diaperbag at the end of a busy day. I just keep the pacifier pocket strapped onto the stroller, toss and zip the keys in, and they’re still there when I’m getting in my car! Easy access. Its actually a time saver.
And, like all things Skip*Hop, these items are extremely reasonable. Its easy to justify more. I think I need a pocket for every stroller, right?

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