bottlepets.jpgWhen I picked up a sample of these utterly adorable Bottle Pets at the ABC Kids Show a couple of weeks ago, I thought that they would be something that might appeal to my six month old.
I had no idea that my three other kids, aged 4,8, and 12 would be so gaga over them. It took them all of ten seconds to figure out that their Sigg bottles fit perfectly into the Bottle Pets. Suddenly their water bottles were the talk of their schools. I started fielding calls from parents left and right. Where did I get that adorable water bottle for my daughter. What other animals could they get?
So yes, Bottle Pets are a great accessory for babies. They help keep bottles cool/warm, make them soft and snuggly and easy for a baby to grip. They are washable and infant friendly. They are utterly adorable. If only my infant could get his hands on his!
Bottle Pets fit most styles of baby bottles, sippy cups without handles and yes, Sigg-style water bottles as well. Buy yours online at Uncommon Goods.


  1. Have to say – went to the site – they are cute and I was surprised at the nice size – they don’t look as flumsy as I thought they would. BUT THE CLOTHES OMG – awesome – never saw the Lunchbox label and loving the look – wish they had my size!

  2. Hey Ciaran,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the post on these cute bottle holders! Now that the holidays are coming, we’re putting new baby items on the site every day — be sure to check it out. Happy shopping.
    -Joanna from UncommonGoods

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