Looking for a way to stay sane till the frost melts? Gotta keep those active kids entertained indoors?  I can’t praise the Rody horse from Maukilo enough. Maukilo has a site chock full of toy goodness, but the Rody holds a special place in my heart. It’s the perfect solution for active indoor play on all those chilly, snowy, rainy days when your kids have energy to burn. Read to the end of this review for a chance to enter to win a $50 shopping spree from Maukilo.com

Rody horses have been in my house for over a decade. Our original red Rody horse is still going strong after hopping many a mile around our neighborhood and around our living room. But I hopped (pardon the pun) on the chance to review a new yellow Rody Horse. Our one problem with the original horse is its popularity. We’ve had fights break out over the thing. At one point I purchased a cheap Rody imitation to try and deal with this. It promptly popped.  Nothing but the real thing for us from now on! It’s no coincidence that the motto on the Maukilo site is “Buy Once. Play Forever”. That about sums up what I love most about the quality european toys sold at this site.

Over the years I’ve recommended Rody countless times to friends and family. Some of the questions I’ve heard are :

Q:  How old does a kid have to be to enjoy Rody?

A: The packaging states 3 yrs, however my children enjoyed this toy with supervision from a younger age. My youngest child was able to sit and bounce on Rody from a yr old, though he needed help getting on and off. By 18 months he was bouncing around the house without anyone holding on.

Q: Don’t your kids get sick of Rody?

A: No. Not at all, even after ten yrs my 13 yr old tries to get on one.

Here’s a little video I made of my sons bouncing around on Rody. Note that the red one has been in our house for many years. It never gets old!

Ready to enter for a $50 shopping spree? Visit the Maukilo Site and select your favorite toy item. Enter below by posting a comment with a link to the item, who you like it for, and why you like it. Please note, you cannot enter simply by commenting “I want this” etc or duplicating a previous entry. You have to actually tell us the what, why and who to qualify!

One winner will be picked at random.


  1. I think with the $50 I’d add a little bit and get the CAT Dumper Ride-on (that looks awesome for marc!)

  2. Ps. Marc loves his Yellow Rody Horse! I really should shot some flip video of him playing on it… (what a great idea)

  3. If I won the $50 I’d put it toward the HABA Traffic Play Rug: http://www.maukilo.com/brands/haba-furniture-decor-137/traffic-play-rug-7674.html for my 3year old son Noah–We are in the process of making a play area in our basement and I’ve been looking for a super fun rug to seperate his special part of the basement!

  4. The $50 would go towards this wooden marble run for my son. It looks awesome:
    Or maybe some automoblox?

  5. I would get the HABA Fantasia Magnetic Puzzle for my daughter. We could have so much fun putting the characters together making up stories!

    I’d probably get her one of these, too, because we can always use another ball, and this one is cute!

  6. My daughter Meredith would absolutely love the red rody horse. She tries to bounce on all things around the house, sometimes successfully (balls, bolster pillows) and sometimes not so successfully (boxes, books…) Anything to keep busy and run off some energy in during this wet Seattle winter. I’ve been eying up the red rody for quite some time now and a $50.00 spree would be perfect!


  7. I appreciate toys that are durable and will be around in our family for many years. My daughters would would welcome the red Rody in our home. With our increasing looooong Chicago winters, I’m sure he would get a workout:)

  8. I would definitely get a marble run toy for my son – I had a set when I was little and I completely forgot about how much fun we used to have playing with it until I saw it on the website. Fantastic toy.


  9. Bilibo for my two little boys. Hopefully they won’t try to ride it down the stairs! I love toys that can be used in many ways.

  10. Tiffany O. says

    I bought my son several HABA rattles when he was a baby. I see that HABA has a “Terra Kids” line on the Maukilo website. I love the non-toxic finishes that Haba uses and now that my son is 2 1/2 years old, I am very interested in the Terra Kids line. It’ll be great to help him develop a love of the outdoors this summer!

  11. Evangeline says

    My daughter loves taking a bath! Most of the time she comes out screaming when I pull her out because she wants to stay longer. I know I’ll have a harder time if I get her more bath toys but I can’t resist the selection you have. If I get the $50 I’d get her more bath toys – yes I love her that much.

  12. I would consider getting a game such as the Animal Wobbly Stacking Game, or your article has me smitten with Rody and my 2 guys would love him, I bet.

  13. I’ve been eyeing Rody for months now! I would definitely choose a Rody in either Grass Green or Yellow. My 20-month-old would make fast friends with Rody. Maukilo is such a fun site! Definitely bookmarking that page. Thanks.

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