&bounty Apparently there’s some serious grossness in my kitchen.  I found this out via a study I did with Bounty.  I had to use a random cloth dishtowel for three days and not wash it.  I sent it to the folks at Bounty to analyze the germs and items left on the towel and no one’s going to be surprised to hear there were all sorts of disgusting germy goodies on it (30,000+ to be precise.)

Nasty!  Basically, when you use a dishtowel – after that first use when it’s clean, you may be wiping some gunk off but you’re also just spreading the gunk around.

Bounty has a new product – it’s called the DuraTowel and while it’s a paper towel, it has the strength of a dishtowel but will remove all that nasty garbage that’s otherwise left behind that you can’t see.

The towel is tough – it’s held together by fibers that won’t rip when wet, and the germs get trapped up in the grooves and stay off your counters!

Read more about the new Bounty DuraTowel product on the P&G site and if you get it & try it out, let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I’m working with P&G over the next few months to test out several of their products. I am being paid for this campaign. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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