pinkblue.jpg Pink or Blue? Blue or Pink? Can’t choose because you have one of each? Well no need to compromise and choose something “gender neutral”. At long last there is a perfect stroller for you. The Special Limited Edition “Boy Meets Girl” Valco Twin Trimode. Not since peanut butter met chocolate has there been a better pairing.
If you missed my detailed review of the Valco Twin Trimode stroller last week, check it out. I am so in love with this stroller. It’s one of the nicest, most stable and reliable twins I’ve ever pushed. And the Pink/Blue Special Edition version takes it to the next level. This posh incarnation of the classic comes with custom colored upholstery, and all sorts of matching additional accessories including color-matching fleece lined foot muffs, a parent cupholder and individual color matched bumper bars.
This is the ultimate dream ride for parents of boy/girl twins or close siblings of opposite genders. It’s available exclusively at Lets Go Strolling, while supplies last.

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