adirilogo.gifIf you’ve done any research into BPA-free bottles, you’ve undoubtedly come across Adiri bottles. Ciaran reviewed them here a few months ago and I got the chance to check them out again for this segment on BPA-free drinking options. Adiri bottles offer a truly innovative take on bottle-feeding from the way the bottle mimics the breast with its shape, nipple design and feel to the bottom-fill method and petal-vent system to reduce air indigestion. The 8-oz. bottles are dishwasher safe and come in three different flow rates.Adiri.jpg
The shape and design of the Adiri bottle just makes sense. The entire top of the bottle looks and feels more like a breast than most other bottles from the shape of the nipple and the seamless nipple-bottle transition to the feel of the bottle’s material that more closely replicates the warmth and sensation of a mother’s breast. My son has not taken well to bottles when I’ve attempted to give them to him, but this is one of the two that he has latched on to on occasion. The bottom-fill method does take some getting used to as you have to remember to put the sheath on the bottle in order to fill it up and have to turn it right side up before you take the sheath off otherwise the bottle drips freely. Other than that learning curve, I didn’t have any issues with leaking and with fewer parts, I found the Adiri easy to clean and store. With my past bottles, I had a messy drawer full of bottles and nipples and caps and storage shield things. It was jumbled and I would have to spend time searching the for the correct number nipple and then finding the cap and then the bottle. Adiri makes it simple, easy and most importantly, safe to bottle-feed your little one.
At nearly $13 a bottle, Adiri is not the cheapest BPA-free alternative out there, but it’s certainly not the most expensive either. And for the price, you are getting a safe, innovative and aesthetically pleasing bottle option for your little bambino. Available at a variety of online and brick-and-mortar stores, find your local retailer here and save a few bucks by keeping an eye out for sales on multiples or the Adiri 3-pack.


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