If you haven’t checked out Boon recently, you’re missing out on some truly innovative products. I’m especially a fan of their feeding line which includes some of my favorites – Squirt, Benders and Fluid, their BPA-free toddler sippy cup which I’ll focus on here. Fluid_web.jpg
Fluid is unlike any other sippy I’ve seen. The “O”-ish shape makes it fun and easy to hold and the clear PVC-free, BPA-free and Phthalate-free material makes it snap to see if your little one needs a refill. The click on spout is easy for kids to use (but not easy for them to get off) and the angle of it means less tipping to get the juice dregs.
My son was a fan of the unique design which also provided some opportunities for much-needed distraction with games of peek-a-boo and “pass-the-Cheerio-through-the-hole” when we got stuck in line at the bank. Keep in mind, that while the shape is unique, it can make cleaning caked on milk a bit more tricky though one pass through the top-rack of the dishwasher seemed to work fine. Also the shape does prevent the Fluid from easily fitting in standard cup holders in cars and strollers. We didn’t have any leaks, and I love that the anti-leak mechanism is built into the spout so there aren’t a bunch of little plastic inserts I’m trying to search for as my two-year old is about to break into an Oscar-worthy tantrum if he doesn’t get his milk ASAP.
For just under $6, this BPA-free sippy is comparable in price to many sippies on the market but is oh-so-much cooler (and safer). Happy earth + happy kid = happy mom. Buy Fluid here and check out all of Boon’s innovative products at www.booninc.com.

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