Back here, I told you that I was looking to replace my family’s bottles, sippies and drinking containers with safe BPA-free alternatives. This week I tried out some BPA-free bottles from Camelbak. You may be most familiar with Camelbak from their line of hydration packs or “backpacks with a straw” as I like to call them, but Camelbak also makes an expanding line of water bottles perfect for all sorts of activities. Their first BPA-free option is the Better Bottle. Available in 0.5L, 0.75L and 1L sizes and a myriad of color options, the Better Bottle includes a unique Flip, Bite-n-Sip lid that works jut like it sounds – you flip it up, bite it and then suck. Voila! Thirst quenched. The bottle also contains an integrated handle which makes the bottle easy to tote around with one finger or clip onto your bag, belt, or stroller. And with colors such as chocolate brown, fire orange and forest pine, your fashion sense can be quenched right along with your thirst.
The Flip, Bite-n-Sip lid did take a little getting used to though my husband was a fan of the design and my two-year old got a kick out of drinking out of it. I liked that the bottle had no spills or leaks, kept the water tasting like water and had a size and weight that made it convenient to tote around. I do worry a bit about keeping the interior of the Bite-n-Sip lid sanitary. One trip to the beach with a sandy-mouthed toddler and it’s hard to know if I was really able to get the lid totally clean. Still a great option if you want to be a bit more rough and tumble with your water bottle – and the unique Bite-n-Sip lid just might get your heat-loving toddler to suck down a bit more water this summer.
Still if you’re not a fan of the Bite-n-Sip lid, Camelbak also produces the Better Bottle with Classic Screw-on Cap. All the same rugged features and leak-proof design without the fancy sip top. Check out both products in all their sizes and colors at REI.


  1. I bought the bite-n-sip a few weeks back and really like it. My 3-y.o. also gets a huge kick out of drinking from the “special trick! straw” as we call it.

  2. Check out this bpa free bottle called the titan water bottle. It’s made from Tritan plastic (just like Camelbak better bottle) but it’s got and a clip for err strollers? 🙂

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