Though they’ve been around since 2004, this was my first trial of the lightweight, always BPA-free stainless steel Klean Kanteen drinking containers. Available in 12, 18, 27 and 40-oz, each bottle comes in a wide selection of colors and with a variety of top options (flat, sports, loop, sippy). We tried out the
12-oz. sippy
for my 2-year old and the 27-oz. with a loop lid for the husband and me.
I love the bright colors the Klean Kanteens come in and the versatility to choose a lid best suited to your carrying needs and drinking style. The streamline look transitions well from the workplace to the hiking trail and although I’ve heard complaints about the exterior getting dinged up easily, mine’s rolled off the counter a handful of times and I haven’t seen much cosmetic damage. My toddler has enjoyed his 12-oz Kanteen though the stainless steel material gets pretty darn cold when you fill the container with refrigerated liquid – sometimes so cold that he doesn’t even want to hold it. We try to stick to room temperature water in them now.
Klean Kanteens are a bit on the pricer side, running from $20-$28 for singles depending on size or at a slight deal if you pick up a 2-pack. To purchase and to see all the Klean Kanteen options and accessories, check out www.kleankanteen.com

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