GreenSipCupL.jpgIf you remember, I sang the praises of the Nalgene On-The-Go bottle and now my toddler is joining the chorus with his Nalgene Grip N Gulp bottle. Though it’s hard to know the reasoning of a toddler, this has definitely been his favorite BPA-free tester of the group. Maybe it’s the Slime Green color (yes, I did say slime). Or the finger loop. Or the fact that he can hurl is across the room with nary a scratch. I can tell you why I love it: side indentations make it easy to grab, its 12-oz capacity means less refilling, and the sipper valve is simple to remove for easy cleaning. A winner all around in our household.
Pick up a Grip N Gulp for your drinker in Slime Green or Tritan Blue for $9.25 at


  1. It’s a hit with mine, as well. I’m a big fan!

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