OTGblueL.jpgOh Nalgene On-The-Go bottle! Where have you been all my life? Now granted I seemed to have been stuck in the dark ages with my old wide mouth Nalgene bottle which often resulted in me dumping half its contents all over my shirt as I attempted to quickly take a swig while pushing the double stroller and handling the dog, but I’ve been using this new BPA-free On-The-Go Nalgene bottle for the last week and have fallen in love. Oh Nalgene, let me count the ways…
1) Your narrower shape means you fit in the cup holder on my stroller and in the car with ease;
2) Your narrow drinking spout means I have yet to get doused with water while trying to get a drink;
3) Your one-handed flip top allows me to perform all the multi-tasking motherhood requires and still stay hydrated;
4) Your Eastman Tritan copolyester material is indestructible and taste and odor-free so that my water actually tastes like water; and
5) you are free of BPA and provide 24-oz of hydration without having to refill.
One caveat – the ease of the one-handed flip-top lid comes at a price. Not a monetary price as the bottles are priced at a reasonable $12, but the flip lid is not as secure as a screw on lid. I won’t say that I drop my water bottles frequently, but when I have dropped this one, at least half the time, the lid pops open and the water spills. The Nalgene website makes no qualms about this and warns, “So, what we’re saying is enjoy the indestructible quality of the bottle, enjoy your liquids without the ‘dreaded’ plastic taste & smell, enjoy the fact that this quality bottle was manufactured in the USA, but don’t put it upside down in your backpack.”
I’m a big fan of this bottle, but if you need something a bit sturdier, stay tuned for upcoming reviews on BPA-free bottles that can handle a little more rough and tumble.
Pick up your own On-The-Go Bottle in Red, Spring Green or Slate Blue at Nalgene for $11.99.

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