I’ll admit that Rubbermaid wasn’t the first name that came to mind when I started my quest for BPA-free drinking containers for my family, but the company has a surprising number of BPA-free products for drinking, food storage and travel. (Click here to see a list of which products qualify.) Rubbermaid was kind enough to send over a number of their kid and adult containers for me to try out. juice.jpg
My toddler tried out the Litterless Juice Box (available in 8.5 oz and 16 oz.). This is a great alternative to traditional juice boxes which are often constructed with layers of paper, plastic and foil which can make them un-recyclable. The juice box comes with a flip-up spout and a detachable straw which has held up nicely during the last two months of use and cleaning. I’ve had no problems with the Litterless leaking when the spout is flipped closed, but occasionally it can spout a leak if squeezed when open.
I also tested out Rubbermaid’s On-the-Go bottles with the Chug Top and Squirt Top. There isn’t anything particularly special about these bottles, but they do the job – they hold liquid, are easy to use and contain no BPAs. Best of all perhaps, Rubbermaid’s BPA-free bottles are affordable. I found the Chug Top On-The-Go bottle for under $4 and the Litterless 8.5 oz for under $3.
If you’re looking for an effective, BPA-free drinking alternative and don’t require a lot of glitz and glam, check out Rubbermaid for a wide selection of safe plastic alternatives.


  1. I HAD the Rubbermaid bottles, similar to the litterless juice boxes except mine were round the rest of the concept was the same. Notice I said, “HAD?” They leaked like crazy in my kids’ lunchboxes & went in the trash!

  2. I’ve got the bpa-free rubbermaid chic hip (for whatever), the bpa-free platypus bladder (for hiking), and the bpa-free titan water bottle (for all other outdoor sports). I must say that the Titan is my favorite since you can use it with one hand.
    The Rubbermaid is a close second!

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