“What’s in a name?” Juliet asks in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy of star-crossed lovers. According to the founder of The Safe Sippy – everything. The Safe Sippy was developed by a father who was fed up with feeding his toddler a side of toxic plastic with every beverage he served, so he went to work developing a BPA-free solution – The Safe Sippy. This sippy blends the benefits of the stainless steel sippy cup with an integrated insulated sleeve to prevent the dreaded “cold hand” syndrome. But it has so much more including removable handles, a wide lid to protect the stainless steel body when dropped and a straw-shaped lid which their research shows is better for young, still-growing mouths. (Check out here for more information on all of the Safe Sippy’s features.) I like that the sippy value is easy to remove for cleaning, but to prevent leaks, make sure that the separate O-ring in the top is securely pushed in. Also the straw-type sippy lid has taken some getting used to by my son. It’s seems to work best when the straw lid points away from you to sip – a bit counterintuitive. All and in all, an interesting – albeit pricey – sippy option. Find The Safe Sippy here for $14.95


  1. Awesome! Another inventor named Jared Joyce created a bpa-free water bottle that is one hand operational and ‘chuggable’ like a coke can. You can see him talk about the bottle here:

  2. Great post on the Safe Sippy. The retail price has gone up with the new version that is just beginning to arrive at stores. The new price that you should be seeing at stores is $16.95 but your readers can get 10% off at our site,, with coupon code mws10. The code will be good for the first 10 customers to use it!

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