foogo.jpgMy son has a drinking problem. I know, I know, barely over two and already a huge drinker….of milk. This kid could polish off a gallon of milk a week on his own. But milk offers some storage difficulties as unfinished milk in a regular sippy cup can easily go warm and spoil. Enter Foogo by Thermos. This sippy offers up to 6 hours of temperature retention for cold beverages. Available with or without handles, the Foogo is made of an insulated stainless steel interior and exterior and has a soft spill-proof spout. It’s also available in blue/yellow or pink/purple color combinations.
If you think the Foogo is just about keeping milk or juice refreshing to drink on a hot summer day, think again. A study by Randy W. Worobo at Cornell University found that apple juice at 40°F reached 70°F in less than 4 hours in competitor sippy cups while it took 16 hours for the Foogo cup to reach the same temperature. The study also showed that bacteria can grow almost 4 times faster at 70°F and can potentially cause food-borne illness – the last thing you want to be dealing with during the dog days of summer.
My favorite features of the Foogo?
– While it keeps my son’s beverage cold and safe, the exterior doesn’t get cold so that it’s easy for him to handle.
– Spill-proof lid and condensation-free exterior means my purse stays dry.
– Dishwasher safe
– Rugged exterior can withstand toddler tantrums and accidental launchings
While there are many cool features of the Foogo, I’m not so hot on the weight (11 ounces empty), the capacity (only 7 oz.) or the price ($15), but if you’re looking for a BPA-free sippy that will be sure to keep your little drinker’s beverage cold and safe, make the Foogo your go-to sippy.

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