bottle1.pngIf you think that switching to a BPA-free bottle means having to adjust to dealing with glass bottles or unusual shapes, colors and feels of a new material, think again. Actually, Think Baby. The geniuses over at Think Baby have made it super simple to switch over to a safe plastic-alternative bottle. While their bottles look, feel and act just like any other traditional baby bottle, they are lacking a few things – namely BPAs, phthalates and lead – but I don’t think you’ll miss them. The ergonomic shape makes them easy for little hands to hold and the hip, gender-neutral orange accents mean you can use them with Jack or Jane. Since my bottle-aged son has been refusing to take a bottle of any color, shape or size, I had my friend Jen try out Think Baby bottles with her 8-month old. Jen was a fan of the leak-free seal and the wide mouth which meant that the formula got in the bottle rather than all over the countertop. Think Baby also offers the Think Baby Trainer Cup that comes with handles and a soft spout lid, perfect for transitioning your little sucker into a sipper. And if you’re not sold already, all of Think Baby’s products are also recommended by Healthy Child, Healthy World, a national organization aimed at protecting the health of our children through community outreach and parental education. (Check out their website for tons of great tips and links on how to raise healthy kids.)
Pick up a twin-pack of 9-oz. Think Baby bottles for $16.99 or a single Trainer Cup for $8.99.

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