The latest release (this month) from HEXBUG are HEXBUG Warriors. My boys are crazy about HEXBUG Nanos as you can see from my post early last year. They’ve spent many hours battling their HEXBUG nanos.

So of course they were totally over the moon to check out the latest product, HEXBUG Warriors. Here’s a few photos and you can watch the video of my boys first playing with them when we opened them up! You can get HEXBUG Warriors on Amazon – make sure you don’t pay too much of a crazy price, I notice a lot of smaller sellers are inflating prices.

These literally just hit the market August 2nd so if you give it a few days more, I’m sure the competition will get steeper and prices will go down.  (My HEXBUG contact also tells me that you can find them well-stocked in-store at Target too!)




  1. Hexbugs are cool!. . what a great presentation. . .
    love the way the little hb’s chase around. . . .
    hey, does anyone else think the track looks like an amoeba?

  2. Great commercial!!! The boys are stars!!!!

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