It seems like my kids have been sick every other week lately, so I have been using my new Braun ThermoScan Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology (around $50) a lot. We love it because its accurate (I’ve been using it with my 5 year old and 3 year old), has a pre-warmed tip and even I can’t mess it up. That’s important to me because I do own lots of thermometers that I can’t work). The infrared technology in the Braun ThermoScan takes a child’s temperature in seconds (important when your 3 year old is complaining /squirming away or your 5 year old is yelling at you to leave him alone). Additionally, the ThermoScan’s unique ExacTemp technology with Guidance System confirms with a light and a beep when you have taken a proper measurement – which means I can handle working it at 2 am.

And when you have to regularly monitor your child’s temperature, the ThermoScan’s memory function keeps track, storing up to eight different results.

Thank you to Braun for proving a product sample for review purposes.


  1. Thank Goodness for technology and new inventions. . . indeed they make our lives easier(suppose that’s debatable for some). . anyhow , this new Braun ThermoScan thermmometer sure sounds much better than the old kind, ,, ,can you imagine if Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman had one of these in her black bag??/LOL!


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