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I nursed my son for a year and that meant that I got to wear lovely nursing bras for a very long time. One thing I learned very quickly is that comfort is key. With your body constantly changing it is important to have a bra that can be worn all day and allow you to easily nurse your baby comfortably. The bras by bravado! Designs are made just for that purpose. With many different styles to choose from, you will most definitely find one (or more) that will make your life as a nursing mom easy, and keep you comfortable at the same time.

The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra ($49) has seamless butter soft stretchy fabric that is invisible under clothing. It has removable molded foam cups provide you with a lining to hide nipples or breast pads that you can remove or wear anytime you need to. Out of the ones I received to try this one was my favorite due to the softness of the fabric. I know it will stretch and move with me as my body changes. This bra is extremely easy to size and comes in the basic colors as well as some fun colors if you are feeling adventurous. 

The Essential Embrace Nursing Bra ($49) This one has the revolutionary patent pending Bravado Dynatex fabric that combines premium cotton and luxurious microfiber all in one. It has a full drop away bra cup that is important for skin to skin contact. I like this feature so that the cup easily stays down and doesn’t get in the way of baby eating or just cuddling up with mom when he or she is born. This bra comes in so many sizes that getting one that fits you perfectly won’t be hard.

The Essential Nursing Tank ($49-$60) I love a good nursing tank. I wore them all the time around the house when my son was born, and found it to be the most convenient nursing essential. One of my favorite features of this particular tank is the built in bra. It doesn’t just have a shelf bra but a real, supportive bra underneath. It even can support up to a G cup! Another feature I love is it’s long length. It’s perfect for wearing both while you are pregnant and after.

I only have positive things to say about the bravado! Designs nursing items. They are designed for comfort and functionality as well as style and I love that. Nursing isn’t always easy, but having nursing wear that lasts and is comfortable makes all the difference. And that’s what you get with bravado! Designs.

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